The WorthWhile Spotlight ft. Makky Kaylor

The WorthWhile Spotlight ft. Makky Kaylor

Meet Makky!

Beale Street brewed, Music Row crafted, and Columbia, TN living. Makky Kaylor’s original top shelf blend is an intoxicating mix of his authentic ‘Memphis soul meets Nashville classics’ roots with a splash of jazz that is served up stylishly with the singer-songwriter-entertainer’s winsome southern charm. Some call it ‘southern soul’ or ‘country soul.’  Makky calls it “The Swanky South!”

An integral behind the scenes part of the music industry for most of his life, Makky was considered an A-list Music Row session singer for many years singing demos for numerous Hall of Fame Songwriters including Harlan Howard, Wayland Holyfield and Randy Goodrum. During this time Makky also worked as a songwriter for various music publishers including those owned by Willie Nelson, Hank Cochran and Larry Gatlin with whom he recorded a duet.  The smooth soulful vocal stylist was also featured on hundreds of commercial jingles for major products including The Grand Ole Opry, Blue Diamond Almonds, Williams Sausage and many more.

Tune into this weeks Spotlight to learn more about Makky and who he is.




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