The WorthWhile Spotlight #17 ft. Chase Blanchard

The WorthWhile Spotlight #17 ft. Chase Blanchard

Meet Chase Blanchard,

Chase is a local real estate broker and agent located here in Middle Tennessee, specifically, Columbia, TN. He has been an agent since 18 years old and has been killing the game since. Chase is a honest, hard working person and is always the first to lend a helping hand, even to a stranger. He knows his worth as an individual and isn't afraid to let someone else know theirs. Whether he's having a cold one with the boys, cheering on the Tennessee Titans, or helping people secure a home, he is always being himself and that is something we can all learn from. It's okay to be you. 


Tune into this weeks episode of The WorthWhile Spotlight to learn more about Chase and who he is.





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