The WorthWhile Spotlight #23 ft. Paa Kwesi

The WorthWhile Spotlight #23 ft. Paa Kwesi

Meet Paa Kwesi,

Paa was born and raised in Ghana and then moved to the states to attend school and start a life here. He is very in tune with himself and the world as a whole after years of pursuing the spiritual journey of self. He radiates love, light, and positivity in the world and spreads his kindness in anyway he can, to anyone that crosses his path. It was an honor being able to learn and share his story.

In this episode we talk about growing up in Ghana, resources in the United States, energy, and life. 

Unfortunately we were not able to capture the full podcast via video. The first 3 mins are available to be seen on YouTube, but the full episode will only be available via podcast streaming platforms.





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