The WorthWhile Spotlight #19 ft. Colleen Callahan

The WorthWhile Spotlight #19 ft. Colleen Callahan

Meet Colleen,

Colleen owns a cleaning business located in Spring Hill, TN, but she is much more than just a business owner, she's a bright and positive soul always trying to make a difference in someones life. She has conquered many trials and tribulations throughout her life and always stays positive taking another step forward. One of my favorite things about Colleen is the way she gifts. When an occasion arises where she can gift somebody she gifts with a plant. The plant symbolizes a living reminder of her and her presence. I personally think that is an awesome idea because it's not just a gift that you receive and store in your drawer or closet, but it's something that you have to give care to and keep alive. It gives purpose and purpose is powerful.

Tune into this weeks episode of The WorthWhile Spotlight to learn more about Colleen and who she is. In this episode we talk about her journey through life thus far, battling the trails and tribulations of life, and growth. 





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