The WorthWhile Spotlight #18 ft. Aaron David Thomas

The WorthWhile Spotlight #18 ft. Aaron David Thomas

Meet Aaron David Thomas,

Aaron is the man behind the camera for The WorthWhile Spotlight! As a creator, he has always looked for different forms of self-expression, such as, music, traveling, art and cinematography. For most of his life growing up, he was around cameras & production, which lead to him having several documentaries out including This Life I Live about country music singer/songwriter Rory Feek. Among his experiences, Aaron has also embarked on a 7 year pilgrimage traveling all over the US with his family in a airstream. He's got a pretty awesome story and WorthWhile mindset!

This podcast took place last minute after a cancelation.. and it's one of the best yet. Everything happens for a reason!

Tune into this weeks episode of The WorthWhile Spotlight to learn more about Aaron and who he is. In this episode we talk about his journey through life thus far, metaphysical/spiritual experiences, consciousness, and more. 





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