The WorthWhile Spotlight #14 ft. Thalas Steele

The WorthWhile Spotlight #14 ft. Thalas Steele

Meet Thalas,

Thalas is a personal trainer, coach, and local business owner of Mid-South 5 Fitness, located in Columbia, TN. One thing I learned and loved about Thalas's vision behind the 5 in Mid-South 5 Fitness, is that the 5 represents physical health, mental health, nutrition, supplements, and of course rest/relaxation. Thalas implements these 5 pillars into his teaching & coaching with his clients, as well as, his personal life. The key is finding balance in these which in turn allows you to find balance in yourself.

There's more to being fit than just being "fit". On this episode of The WorthWhile Spotlight we talk about fitness, getting out of your own way, and personal/spiritual growth. Tune in and learn more about Thalas and who he is.





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