The WorthWhile Spotlight #11 ft. Mila Martinico

The WorthWhile Spotlight #11 ft. Mila Martinico

Meet Mila,

Mila (a.k.a Mama Mila) is the owner and face behind a local authentic Italian eatery called Mama Milas located in Columbia, TN. Outside of providing phenomenal food and an amazing restaurant environment, Mila is a down to earth, genuine soul. Her energy can change a the room and instantly lift you up! Mila has faced many adversities personally and in business throughout life, but she hasn't & won't let those adversities define who she is or what she can do!

Tune into this weeks WorthWhile Spotlight to learn more about Mila and who she is. In this episode we cover business, adversities, and personal growth.






Mama Mila Restaurant:

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