The WorthWhile Spotlight #10 ft. Olivia Jensen

The WorthWhile Spotlight #10 ft. Olivia Jensen

Meet Olivia Jensen,

Olivia is a driven, hard working individual. She learned and adopted a strong work ethic at young age which has carried into the present day. Olivia stays active in the community in a lot of ways. Her parents opened a restaurant in town called The Dotted Lime (now Cranky Yankee), where Olivia worked almost every position and found herself taking more and more on. One of her favorite things she has done in the business is the catering/event side, and she plans to eventually own her own wedding planning business. Outside of working, she finds focus and growth in attending Jiu-Jitsu classes at local gym Profectus, as well as, journaling and reading in her spare time. Olivia has also helped lead the way in creating local non-profit Tennessee for Ukraine, which strives to make a difference in the destruction that is taking place everyday overseas. They provide food and medical supplies, evacuate families in need, and lend a hand wherever necessary. 

Tune into this weeks WorthWhile Spotlight to learn more about Olivia and who she is. In this episode we cover work ethic, family, and personal growth.






Learn more about/donate to Tennesee For Ukraine here:

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