WorthWhile Spotlight - Odie

WorthWhile Spotlight - Odie

Meet: Ontarius Campbell.

Ontarius, aka Odie, is a 21-year-old animation dancer born and raised in Columbia, TN. Odie's inspiration to dance came to him at a young age, while watching dance videos on Youtube. Since then, Odie has been on a continuous path of learning and discovering new ways to express himself through the art of dance: "Dancing is definitely an expression of who I am; however I’m feeling at the moment you can tell through the energy I output when I dance”. One way that Odie expresses himself is through his unique style of dance.

A favorite move of Odie's is a toe spin. The toe spin is a move that requires balance and full-body control in order to make it flow seamlessly and look clean.  This is a move stemming from his two favorite styles of dance: animation and hip-hop. Hip hop and animation are two of the more influential styles which make up a lot of modern dance and combining the two into a single move is a tool Odie uses to showcase his unique and creative style. Creativity and self-expression is one of many ways in which Odie embodies the true meaning of the brand.

Odie is a dancer who loves to share his passion with others. When asked if he had any advice for a person looking to pursue dance he said: "Like anything, it won’t be easy, but unlike other things you have to remember that you're dancing, so just have fun with it, get creative, and keep testing yourself." Odie's giving and encouraging nature, along with his willingness to step out of his own comfort zone, are traits that we can all look up to and a great example of what it means to Be WorthWhile!

Life is a journey. With its endless ups and downs, twists and turns, it is easy to forget that we all need to take some time to enjoy ourselves; have fun! Embrace your journey and discover what moves you as an individual. Remember to never give up, spread love, and always "Be You | Be Worthwhile"!

WorthWhile had a great opportunity to play a part in a dance video shot of Odie. We provided him with a custom 1 of 1 hoodie that he wore during one of his freestyle dances.

Check it out:
Be You | Be WorthWhile
Video shot by two videographer greats:
Ross Jaynes & Quantagus Mcfall 
Video Edited by:
Quantagus Mcfall
Falling by Brittany Faith 
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