Why do people settle for less?

The main thing that prevents people from achieving their dreams and goals is simply mindset. What you tell yourself you can or can not do determines everything. Think of your brain as a like raising a puppy, it does what ever it wants when its little, runs around pooping and peeing everywhere, chewing on things, and not listening to what you say. As the dog gets older though, it learns its name, where to use the bathroom, where its home is, and what its toys are etc. People are the same way. We grow up as children, learn our names, where to use the bathroom, where to sleep, eat, everything. All is learned and continued by routine. What that means is our brains work in repetition. Think of it as your sleeping schedule over a summer break, not having to get up for school. It's the best feeling in the world lol. Then school comes back and it is sooo hard to get up, unless you're one of those people that can get up with ease, but as school goes on day by day, you get in routine and start getting in the flow. We are comforted by routine. It goes the same with working. Say you start a new job, you start off and its hard at first, until you do it over and over and learn it by repetition. Now if its true that we learn and do by repeating, why aren't people learning and reaching for what they love and desire? Its limitless what we can do. We need to realize the power of our ideas. Everybody has ideas but not everybody capitalizes on them. Why is that? Are they scared to push them? Do they forget about them and routine on? Our ideas are so powerful. Take Henry Ford for example, this one mans idea of an automobile, turned into a necessity for millions of people. He had an idea and capitalized on it. Capitalizing on an idea takes stepping out of your comfort zone. Its hard because not everyone can see your idea as you do. That is where being yourself and staying true to yourself is key. The ones that can see your dreams as you do will follow you. Don’t settle for less. Know your worth. Know you CAN do it. Shine like the stars, strive for greatness, and capitalize your dreams.
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Well said! #inspired

Ethan Wyatt

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