A Perpective Shift

Recently there has been a shift in viewpoint for me (Tyler Steigelman). I have come to a point where I am viewing & treating the brand more as a business, rather than a job. With that being said, I have been printing all of the clothing for WorthWhile for the past 2 1/2 - 3 years. From one of one custom pieces to bigger quantity lines, I have sacrificed my time & effort and clocked in without pay for years to grow the brand and make it what it is today. As I have been getting more active with pop up shops and selling more at a time, I have realized that the time I spend on printing is valuable time that can be spent on other parts of the brand needed for it to grow. I am now in the process of buying bulk products from an overseas manufacturer. I have chosen this route because of 2 simple reasons: time & money. It allows me to just focus on designs, selling and growing the brand. I don't have to worry about manufacturing anything myself. I am waiting for samples of the first run of hoodies to come in and then I will decide on pulling the trigger on my first bulk order of 300 hoodies!!! I'm excited for them to come in and be able to do some giveaways and photo/video shoots. 

Stay tuned.

Here below is a sneak peek of the new tags that will be going in the hoodies. 

Comment your thoughts & thank you for reading!

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